Power Factor Correction

What if there was a solution to save money on energy costs? Let’s discuss something that is close to a lot of Australian’s hearts; beer. I mean energy savings!

What if your energy consumption could be easily explained using a familiar glass of beer (or coffee if you’re that way inclined – or its morning and it might be slightly frowned upon to enjoy a nice cold glass of amber ale? 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Visualize three elements; the glass, the froth and the beer.

We have to pay for the size of the glass – be it a pint or a pony – that is a simple commercial transaction.
But what if the bartender is a terrible pour? Put simply it means you pay for a whole lot of froth and minimal beer! All we want is the amber goodness

Power is exactly the same and can be easily compared to a glass of beer🍻
•We pay for the whole glass – known as kVA
•What we use/want is the beer – known as kW
•The waste is the froth – known as kVAR

What if we could reduce the amount of froth, hence reducing the size of glass you had to pay for, to receive the same amount of beer (or coffee – time of day is very important!)! Or in simple terms reduce the cost of power by simply reducing waste!

If it sounds a little confusing I’m sure a five minute chat with us on how it works could clear things up! Schedule today by contacting our team.

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