Comprehensive Energy Footprint Audits

With energy prices continuing to increase, it is more important than ever to reduce operational costs for businesses. However, the benefits of optimising energy consumption run deeper than a company’s bottom line.

Although most of Tasmania’s energy is produced utilising renewable methods, 0.222kg of greenhouse gas is emitted per kilowatt hour (kw/h) of energy consumed. To put that into perspective, the average household consumes approximately 7,000 kw/h annually. That equates to 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas per household every year.

Electric motors account for approximately 45% of global energy consumption, resulting in around 6000 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. During a recent project, our team identified eight 15kW pumps that were over 15 years old, controlled via direct-online switching and operated for an estimated 5376 hours per year. By simply replacing the existing, inefficient induction motors with ABB’s high efficiency IE5 rated SynRM motors and variable speed drives the customer will see a reduction in greenhouse emissions by 32 tonnes whilst saving over $21,000 in energy costs annually.

Imagine what we could achieve for your business and the environment with a comprehensive audit of your energy footprint. Contact us today!

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