Let’s Talk Lighting & Compliance

Replacement of inefficient lighting for LED alternatives will generally realise a 60-70% reduction in energy consumption.

Did you know that along with the National Construction Code there are over 20 Australian Standards relating to lighting implementation and design? These standards outline minimum requirements for a lighting system based on the intended purpose of use. It is important to ensure the correct lux levels, uniformity and colour rendering are met for each intended activity. AS/NZS 1680.2.3 states the recommended lux levels for educational facilities which can vary, depending on the intended purpose of the room. For example a general-purpose classroom requires 240 lux at a minimum and a laboratory 320 lux.
Swimming pools require a greater amount of consideration due to the potential issues regarding glare and shadow.

A major oversight when a replacement project is undertaken is compliance to the relevant Australian Standards. Through a comprehensive consultation, design and testing process, Enginuity Power Solutions will ensure compliant, innovative and energy efficient installations are delivered.

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