Retrofitting Variable Speed Drives To Increase Efficiency & Reduce Environmental Impact

Enginuity Power Solutions recently completed the installation of 2 ABB variable speed drives (VSD’s) on semi-hermetic, reciprocating compressors which were servicing a refrigeration rack in a supermarket. Through the embedded Energy Efficiency Calculator contained within the device we have been able to monitor the installation and in just five days we have recorded a reduction of 3913.1kWh equating to a saving of $782 and 870kg of CO2!

With the Energy Efficiency Calculator programmed correctly we will be able to monitor the energy savings and CO2 emission reductions moving forward.

Refrigeration systems consume most of the energy used in supermarkets. These refrigeration systems are often overlooked when looking for opportunities to save on energy costs. Realising these potential savings can significantly lower operational costs, boost profitability and reduce CO2 emissions.

Refrigeration systems generally have a wide load variation during operating hours. Using variable speed drives (VSDs), the speed of compressors can be varied to meet the dynamic load demand – reducing the amount of energy consumed.

The control of reciprocating compressors with VSDs allows the compressor speed to be continuously adapted without stop/go, thus reducing the energy consumed and increasing the lifetime of the compressor. Variable-speed control ensures less refrigeration and heat losses in the system, and an optimised use of energy based on the actual refrigeration requirement.