Enginuity Power Solutions

Enginuity Power Solutions implements practical energy-efficient, power-reducing solutions that deliver cost-saving and environmental benefits. We serve clients Australia-wide from our Tasmania-based operations. We’re passionate about helping reduce energy consumption and improve power quality with highly efficient and environmentally sound solutions that comply with relevant standards and codes. Our foundations are built upon collaborating with our clients for the entire project lifecycle with an emphasis on our three pillars: consult, design, deliver.

Reinventing the Electric Power Industry With Next-Generation Solutions

Our team of problem-solving engineers, skilled technicians, and trusted partners come together to provide commercial and industrial clients with strategic energy solutions. Browse our range of services below to see how we can streamline your electrical systems for maximum efficiency.

High Voltage Services

Maintaining and optimising privately-owned high-voltage infrastructure, ensuring compliance, and providing 24/7 emergency response.

Electrical Compliance

Ensuring clients’ power systems meet all Australian Standards to maximise safety and productivity.

Power Quality

Strategic solutions to increase the efficiency of your electrical systems by evaluating power quality.

System Optimisation

Optimisation strategies that create energy-efficient and top-performing power systems.

Featured Projects

Browse our featured projects below to get a better understanding of the type of work we do with clients from a variety of sectors.

Retrofitting Variable Speed Drives to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Environmental Impact

Enginuity Power Solutions recently completed the installation of 2 ABB VSDs on semi-hermetic, reciprocating compressors…

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The Indirect Result of Power Quality Analysis

Enginuity Power Solutions were engaged by a client who has a portfolio of property across Tasmania to assist in the development of a capital works package aimed at reducing energy consumption and lowering operation costs…

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