Enginuity Power Solutions is helping industry engineer innovative power solutions through a process of consultation, design and delivery. We’re committed to enhancing not only the performance of electric power systems in Tasmania and throughout Australia, but also reducing the environmental impacts of the industry. With over 18 years of experience in the electrical industry, Tom Green, Managing Director, opened the doors to Enginuity Power Solutions and quickly created a strong, experienced network of ambitious engineers, talented contractors, and reliable partners.

Together, the Enginuity Power Solutions team provides clients in a variety of industries with power system services spanning project management, electrical compliance, power quality, and system optimisation. Our multifaceted team is unique in that we not only understand the fundamentals of power but can also procure and implement engineered solutions in application.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

Enginuity Power Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of the electric power industry. While crafting our innovative solutions, we always focus on minimising carbon emissions and our overall environmental footprint. With this mindset, we are working to build a more energy efficient, sustainable tomorrow.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Our team has experience working across various sectors to create long-lasting relationships with each and every client. This way, we become your true partner in power solutions and can be on standby for any and all projects you wish to implement. We can also stay involved in your electrical processes to offer the latest in technology and methods and make sure your systems are always up to code.