Good quality electricity is required for electrical systems to operate correctly.

Weather, demand, generation, and more can compromise the quality of power, causing electrical devices to malfunction, fail prematurely, or not operate at all. Enginuity Power Solutions can identify power quality issues in your current power systems and devise a plan or provide the equipment to ensure you are getting the most from your electrical sources and staying in-line with Australian standards.

High quality electrical power has the following characteristics: Continuity of service (no interruptions), low harmonic content, low variation in voltage magnitude, and very low transient voltages and currents.

There are several issues that affect the quality of power: Voltage sags and surges, momentary power interruptions, extended power interruptions, harmonic distortion, ground loops, and more.

Are you wasting money on energy bills? Not compliant with Australian standards? Learn more about our innovative equipment for improving power quality below.


Turn-Key Power Quality Solutions

Enginuity Power Solutions offers innovative equipment that meets Australian standards, improves power factor, and reduces harmonic content resulting in significantly lower network charges and operational costs associated with electrical usage. Using a series of automated calculators, we are the first company in our industry that can gather very basic information from a client (or any maintenance electrician) and quickly tailor a solution for their specific application. In most cases, this cuts out the need for on-site studies by engineering teams or specialist contractors - saving you time and money. Once the strategy is developed, we simply send you the power quality equipment along with mounting configuration, current transformers, cabinet, and all infrastructure required to fit on site. Commissioning and technical support is provided throughout the installation process.

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Static Var Generator (SVG)

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Active Power Filter (Active Harmonic Filter)

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Our Additional Specialties

We handle more than just power quality — explore our additional specialties to see how we can become your total partner in power systems.

Project Management

End-to-end project management solutions that result in on-time, on-budget, and to-specification project design and delivery.


Electrical Compliance

Ensuring clients’ power systems are up-to-date with all Australian Standards to maximise safety and productivity.


System Optimisation

Design and implementation of optimisation strategies that transforms entire power processes into energy-efficient and top-performing systems.